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From design to final assembly.
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Our design department offers:

  • Complete product package which could involve collaborative design of either the part or die or both to optimize your design.
  • Development of the part according to your specifications and test procedures.
  • Design for prototyping.
  • High optimization of designs taking into consideration the manufacturability and to minimise your costs.

We use the latest full integrated CAD-CAM software for quicker and precision design work.

Our department is equipped with a 3D plastic printer to speed up the prototype phase.

Tool making

Our tooling department is able to offer you:

  • Plastic injection moulds
  • Aluminium gravity dies
  • High-pressure aluminium injection moulds
  • Patterns for sand casting
  • Press tools
  • Jigs

Our tooling department is equipped with CNC and conventional milling and turning machines as well as EDM spark eroder and grinding machines.

For a quicker and optimal machining, we make use of the latest 3D CAM software.

Aluminium casting
Aluminium casting

Our aluminium foundry offers you:

  • Sand casting - for prototypes, small runs, complex and large parts
  • Gravity casting - for medium to larger runs
  • High-pressure injection - up to 400 T, for long runs and high precision parts
  • Heat treatment and surface treatment.

We cast a wide range of different alloys regarding whether the mechanical propreties and if the product should be food compliant, corrosion resistant, aeronautical grade…

All along the process we ensure regular quality control regarding the material composition and mechanical behaviour of your part.

Plastic injection
Plastic injection

Our plastic department offers:

  • Plastic injection using machines up to 200 T
  • Capacity to make parts from 1 g to 600 g
  • Moulding of all technical plastics: PA, PC, PC-ABS, ABS, PP, PPO etc...
  • Possibility to add up to 60% of glass fiber
Machining and finishing

After casting your part we provide machining such as:

  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Conventional turning and milling
  • CNC machining

We also offer finishing such as:

  • Sand blasting
  • Polishing
  • Spray painting
  • Powder coating

Our workshop offers you:

  • Manual assembly
  • Press work assembly

Both options can include external fittings and components which we are able to source.

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